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I use this space to post articles/interviews that I think inspire us to take better care of ourselves, as well as some recent clinical trials showing the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments. If you'd like to receive an email when I post updates to this page please contact me.



  • Food as a National Security Issue
    Michael Pollan interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air from WHYY (National Public Radio)
    October 20, 2008
    This interview is about 40 minutes and well worth the time. Put it on your ipod and use your subway time wisely!


  • The World Health Organization Report on Acupuncture
    The WHO issued this review of literature (studies through 1998) showing clinical trials of specific diseases where acupuncture was shown to be a highly effective treatment modality. Page 23-26 includes a list of diseases found to be treatable by acupuncture. The first section of the report includes a review of current studies for each disease listed. The last section includes an easy to read chart comparing the effectiveness of acupuncture and conventional medicine for each disease. Although this list may not include all diseases present in TCM theory, it does show how TCM can be helpful in widely varying states of disease.
  • Low Back Pain
    This is an abstract of a long-term study of acupuncture treatment's effect on low back pain. Out of 50 participants, 16 of 34 acupuncture patients showed improvement in follow up surveys conducted one month post-treatment, while only 2 out of 14 placebo patients showed improvement. Three and six month post-treatment survey results showed similar success rates.

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