Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture

Welcome to the only cosmetic procedure that actually improves your health!!

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture is a treatment protocol based entirely on classical Chinese medicine so, each treatment is customized for you as an individual to help improve your health from the inside out. In addition, needles are placed in the face or neck to improve the flow of qi and blood to that area, bringing vitality and health to your appearance. So what can you expect from cosmetic acupuncture? Results on the inside and the outside!

Possible Outside Results
Improved complexion – less redness, acne & rosacea, and better overall skin tone
Deep lines may become more shallow
Fine lines may be reduced (or may disappear)
Smoother skin
Improvement of function after Bell's Palsy or stroke sequlae
Improvement of side effects after plastic surgery

Possible Inside Results (the side effects):
Better Digestion
Improved Energy & Sleep
Reduced hot flashes and night sweats
Better Mood – many patients feel calmer, less irritable and have a more positive outlook

Why does it work?
TCM works from the inside out. If you are eating/sleeping/digesting well, your skin will be healthier, your eyes brighter and everything will have less of a tendency to be “heavy” or “sagging”.

For a more functional explanation: needles are inserted into the skin at a very shallow level, the same area where the collagen and elastin are formed (these are the substances that keep our skin looking young, smooth and vibrant). By needling into this area, there is a micro-injury that the body needs to heal, which it does by sending cells to the site of the “injury”. There's a possibility that these cells are actually producing more collagen and elastin to aid the repair.

So what are the down sides?
When compared with other cosmetic procedures (injections, surgery, peels) cosmetic acupuncture is extremely safe and effective. Some people do experience bruising (about 5% of patients) so I don't recommend this immediately before a big picture-taking event (brides and wedding parties should schedule their appointments well in advance of the pictures). To decrease the risk of bruising I use an arnica gel before needling, and again, the needling technique is very shallow which leaves much less risk of bruising.

For more information on the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Protocol and to see if you could benefit from this treatment, please contact me to schedule your free 30 minute in-person consultation.


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